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The Florida Clubhouse Coalition consists of 19 independently operated mental health Clubhouse programs that share a common purpose: to provide adults pursuing mental health recovery with the opportunity to achieve their full potential through friendship, wellness, skill development, community support, education and employment.

In the state of Florida, Clubhouses are active participants in the Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC) for people living with mental illnesses. ROSC is a core strategy of Florida's Department of Children and Families.

Florida Clubhouses belong to Clubhouse International, the governing accreditation body of a worldwide network of over 300 mental health Clubhouses on 6 continents.

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Florida Clubhouse Coalition


The vision of the Florida Clubhouse Coalition is to establish a mental health Clubhouse program in every one of Florida’s 67 counties.

Partners in Recovery

Florida Clubhouses engage local businesses, clinical and housing providers, human service agencies, local governments, foundations, and a range of other entities as partners in the recovery process.


Of 19 existing Clubhouse programs in Florida, eleven are accredited with Clubhouse International, and eight are on an accreditation track. Florida Clubhouses follow 37 International Standards for Clubhouse Programs, which act as a bill of rights for members and a code of ethics for staff.

Funding and Governance

Each Florida Clubhouse program operates independently, with governance and funding strategies varying according to location. Several Florida Clubhouse programs operate as "freestanding" non-for-profit organizations while others are part of a larger sponsoring agency. Funding may include support from: Department of Children and Families, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Medicaid, individual and corporate donations, members and their families, and charitable foundations.

Herika Martinez

"Coming to the Academy has changed my life. I have learned skills, found friendship, and gained employment."

- Herika Martinez
Member, Academy at Glengary
Employed at Sunset Cadillac
Sarasota, FL